Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure games can be divided into three or four types, which can then be combined to form an exciting storey, in my opinion. You must come up with a storey to go along with the game as well.

Smuggling games require that something be smuggled somewhere.
Tactics and fighting games are two types of games. Cunning and pitfalls are used to attack and defend.
Treasure hunt: Investigate and complete tasks
These primary types of games should now be condensed into a cohesive narrative. The youth leaders are then challenged to use their imaginations, as the “packaging” of the game is critical to its success. The games are also dependent on the local conditions, weather, and amount of time that can be spent playing. Last but not least, the age of the children is taken into consideration. For small children, a simple treasure hunt is preferable to more physically demanding “fight” games.

Smugglers’ Paradise

In plastic bags or cans, smuggled flour, rice, or chalk is transported to their stores from a secret location. Customs officers must make every effort to prevent them from leaving the country.

A treasure hunt that doubles as an orienteering course

The starting point is determined by specifying a specific location. The first target point is determined with the aid of a map and compass, and it is hoped that it will be discovered. Follow the directions provided (along a section of wood, across a field to a tree, cliff, bush etc). A message has been discovered in a pipe. The group is guided forward by a trail of sawdust. An object is used to deflate a balloon in which a message has been discovered. Set a limit on the number of stations to meet a specific goal. If the group becomes disoriented while on the road, they can use a mobile phone to contact the youth leader for assistance (points deducted).

Walking game in the form of a treasure hunt

It is necessary to locate specific positions by using small cards. It is necessary to locate a new card containing the next task at this location. The finishing point is marked with a treasure chest.

Commandos in the bombing campaign

A group of people is tasked with detonating a structure. An alarm clock with a specific time setting is located on this structure. The group moves away from the bomb position with the aid of a map of the surrounding area. Afterwards, a second group goes in search of the first group. The first group is required to flash a light once every minute. If the police (the 2nd group) manage to apprehend the terrorists, they will be able to use the plan to locate and deactivate the bomb. If the alarm clock goes off, it means that the first group has won.

Playing the knocking game

A couple of players go around banging on trees. Those who are unsuccessful in their efforts to track down the knockers will be given a card from the knocker by the rest of the group. The group or individual who has the greatest number of cards has won. Alternatively, each knocker is dealt a different coloured deck of cards, with the winning team being the one that has the most different colours.

Smuggler’s enchantment

Two teams are each in possession of a water source and a depot. Each team is now attempting to smuggle water from the source into their respective depot using water bottles. It is not permitted for them to be stopped within 5-10 metres of the source or the disposal facility.


Every player is dealt a single playing card. The players then attempt to catch up with one another. The pair exchanges their playing cards with one another. Players who have lower-value cards must give their cards to other players and then return to the depot where they can pick up their higher-value cards. An ace can’t stand a chance against a six.

Smuggler’s game with a secret transportation system

Closed boxes containing bells, whistles, and other accoutrements must be transported silently through an enemy zone.

An outdoor game based on the concept of creeping

A sneak attack on an enemy building or area results in the theft of a flag, the discovery of treasure, the detonation of a bomb (alarm clock), and the release of prisoners. Keep an eye out! It is important that the bomb does not go off too soon. The attackers are divided into several groups. The most important factor is timing.

A smuggling game in which the players use puzzle pieces

Diverse puzzle pieces must be smuggled out of the country, and only after a certain number of pieces have been collected can the puzzle be assembled in order to solve a clue. The opposing team is tasked with capturing as many puzzle pieces as they can in order to locate the treasure.. The puzzle pieces can either be given out by a group leader or scattered throughout the area, with each piece having to be brought back to a specific location in order to be assembled.

Catching and seeking are two of the most popular games.

A treasure hunt that includes tasks to complete along the way (a combination of station games and a treasure hunt).

Looking for outdoor games to play

There are a variety of tasks to complete. Whoever correctly solves the problems by combining the solutions or by combining the solutions correctly and finds the treasure is the winner.

  • Make a map of the area, marking out compass and thumb measurement points as you go along.
    Make a note of any high points as well as any specific points (e.g. tree)
    Make a grid with a ruler.
    The treasure/next clue is to be discovered on/near the cross-section/square XY where the treasure/next clue is to be discovered.

Make up some clues/tasks that always lead to the next step/lead to the next task and that you can follow at any time.

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